Services is the first Kuwaiti dedicated website for the homemade food business owners to display and sell their products through the site where their customers allows constant communication with them throughout the year. We offer a quick and easy way to connect customers with their favorite chefs. site is designed in a unique way to be joyful, easy and user friendly and it doesn't take more than a few press into your keyboard to search for your favorite chef or dish.

We simply the receive your order made by your and send it to the kitchen or the chef through a computer or any appropriate communication tool and we confirm the readiness of the kitchen to deliver your order in the desired time and place. With this you do not have to deal with the hassles of the order, and we will follow up and coordinate the request and make sure from your receipt of your order on time.

Ma6bkhy will also provide the following services:


  •  Excellent Delivery service Deal with our nominated delivery company. (Ask about it )


  • Professional photography for your meals with our nominated photographer. (Charges applies)




For our Partners:



We will do the following services:

  • We will advertise your menu and present your items in a very neat and intreseting way.
  • We will e-mail or call you with the order, once the order is placed by the customer.
  • We will follow up with the order with you and confirm it to the customer.
  • We will deliver if you don't have a delivery service (Rules & Conditions are applied)
  • We will collect the money if we deliver and send your the money by the end of each month.