Chicken Hut Samosa

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Chicken Hut Samosa
3.000 KD


Samosas stuffed with chicken & coconut.


Delivery charges : 2.000
Advance ordering period : Hours Min

About Me

The idea of ”Chicken Hut” started with a dream to establish a home business for the preparation of fresh Kuwaiti chicken using the finest ingredients. The beginning was successful with continuous orders, accompanied by steady development, while taking into consideration all means to achieve the best. The idea of “Chicken Hut” is based on unique recipes of fried chicken marinated in special sauces. Each box of chicken has a total of 16 pieces, along with a choice of two sauces from our fine collection of delightful sauces. “Chicken Hut” supports Kuwaiti industries and the national economy, by purchasing its raw materials of chicken, flour, oil, and other ingredients from the local market. Moreover, all its printing and packaging materials are purchased locally. We invite everyone who appreciates the taste of fine food to indulge in our unique chicken recipes. It's an experience definitely worth trying.

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Published July 11, 2012

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