chocolate&red velvet Bites

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chocolate&red velvet Bites
8.000 KD


chocolate&red velvet Bites


توجد نكهتين ..


رد فلفت .. بسعر 10 دك للدرزن

كاكاو .. بسعر 8 دك للدرزن

Best Sprinkles

Delivery charges : 2.000
Advance ordering period : 1 Days
Enough for 8 people

About Me

“Best Sprinkles”....The name says it all! We are a homemade bakery found by two sisters who are working to impress and satisfy the customers in all aspects. The best ingredients, memorable taste, and overall appearance we have it! And like you’ve never tasted before.

    We wouldn’t have started or made it this far without the magnificent and consistent support of our family and friends especially our husbands. They had so much faith in us and now we know why after realizing the acceptance and support we got from our AMAZING customers! Therefore, we couldn’t thank you enough!

Watch us grow and expand as we add more goodies down our menu!

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Published September 19, 2012

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