Special Qouzi Laban

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Special Qouzi Laban
35.000 KD


Delivery charges : 2.000
Advance ordering period : 3 Days

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500 people eating from dishes that I prepared in "Al Eman" mosque in greater Miami- 2004 for a new born baby celebration..That was the last memory I had of me cooking in Miami..It all started when I once had cravings for a "Chicken Machboos". At that time I could barerly spell cooking!So the first thing I did was calling my dear mom..Gowwa yumma..can you please teach me how to do it.... I kept calling her all day trying to get the exact instructions for the machboos..So I went to the Indian supermarket in 163rd st. to buy all the stuff needed; spices, chicken, basmati rice...etc to cook that machboos..of course I ended up throwing most of it into the garbage because it was a disaster on a dish!Later on, I vowed..I will not rest until I eat my machboos..That is when I discover that I am passionate not only about machboos but cooking itself..So I kept practicing and cooking and trying all sorts of dishes using the taste buds of my friends..my ginny pigs.And here I will keep practicing and learning with you all about cooking...Enjoy!

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Published July 12, 2012

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